15-Naked Fire Jousting

Not the most bruh moment, but that absolute geed is was probably bruh'd..


Truly a bruh way to go.

-63-The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

This bruh moment caused an entire world war, exposing the society we live in.

4254536-The Tower of Babel

Some geds wanted to talk to Godman, godman said nah, now there's a shit ton of languages. bruh.

177013-Florida Couple selling tickets to heaven

How do you even fall for this? Truly a bruh moment.

Eiffel 65-Transphobic Notch

Can't believe I looked up to the creator of Bruhcraft.

1-The Epic Battle between Gilgamesh the Consumer of Reality vs Maurice

This Bruh moment could've potentially ended the world, luckily Maurice utterly bruh'd Gilgamesh's kneecaps.